The South Beach Jarrah TV cabinet
The South Beach Jarrah TV cabinet2
The South Beach Jarrah TV cabinet3
Marri South Beach 6a
Marri South Beach 4d
Marri South Beach 2A


Recently described as if viewing a sandy beach with driftwood laying on the sand.

So now the Marri version is named as The South Beach "Driftwood"

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The South Beach

Media Cabinet

Size: 2.000l x .600h x .500d

 Price: Aud $3295

Suitable for our modern day apartment living ~ and the toys we have. ..

It doesn’t really show in the pics of this piece here, but the drawer faces actually have the effect of looking at the coast as if from the ocean.


Which was great, because this piece was so named for the area near Fremantle we know as South Beach.

Made originally for some of my favourite clients who have become good friends ,who have recently moved to their new apartment in this area.


Solid Jarrah

Easy glide metal rollers

Large Storage capacity

Ideal for that new big TV ~ either to hang on the wall above it  . .or to sit nicely on top

The South Beach "Driftwood"

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