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This is the bit where we tell you how clever we are. . .. .


We make top quality handcrafted Jarrah and Marri Furniture, and offer it for sale at the most reasonable prices to be found anywhere on the market.

See . . . Clever .. .!


I am not so enthralled with myself that I have named my business after myself, rather the wonderful little town where we live and work ……………... Nannup !


Although once upon a time in Fremantle, where we started our craft 30 odd years ago, ( some of them bloody odd too . .!) , we were known as Phil’s Woodwork Shop ~ tucked in down behind Fast Eddies on Essex St and The Sala Thai on Norfolk St with the Luna Theatre just opposite.


And I do not show pictures of myself fondling a log looking confident and meaningful and gazing pensively into the middle distance.

I do do that on occasion though ~  gaze pensively into the middle distance that is , but more so because I have forgotten what I am doing, or worse ~ misplaced my beer ,  rather than trying to impress someone with my rugged good looks ~ which tend more to the haggardly runsome than the ruggedly handsome anyway. . .. ! 


Really, we just make good strong reasonably priced solid Jarrah and Marri furniture ~ I would rather you looked at pictures of my work rather than me. . .


See . . . Clever . .!


Now, if you have read this far , I should say that although this dialogue may sound a tad frivolous, it is not that we don't take our work seriously ~ we are hugely passionate and enthusiastic about our work ~ it’s just that we don't take ourselves too seriously, and allow ourselves to enjoy our relationship with our clients and our work .. ..  …. 

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Lot 259 Sexton Way

Nannup, WA 6275

Tel: +61 08 9756 0460

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