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Brookwood table 2100 A1
Brookwood 6 Seater Table
Brookwood 6 Seater Table 2
The Brookwood Jarrah Table
The Brookwood Jarrah Table3
The Brookwood Jarrah Table2

The Brookwood

Jarrah Table

SIZE : 2100 l x 1000 w (as Shown)

Price:  $3895 (table only)

1.800 x 1000 $3495

Brookwood chairs from $495 ea (shown)

This style and build of table will compare very well against anything else on the market.


The price represents huge value for money. You could expect to pay nearly double this at some of the larger retailers.


Feature timbers with a 30mm thick top on solid 125 x 125 legs.

The signature of this range is the bevelled edge to the top giving a nice shadow line.

Along with the rounded trim to the rails and styles add a detail touch that is both tactile and pleasing to the eye.


The Brookwood Jarrah Chair


With a narrow curved back and an 8 degree flared angle to the front with three sided stringers gives an attractive wide front and a strong and stable platform.


Shown here with a foam base upholstered in faux leather, these chairs are available with a solid jarrah base or an upholstered fabric.


Altogether a design that I have invested a good deal of thought and time into, with a result that I am very pleased with as I am sure that you will be. . .

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