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Marri Square Dining Table & chairs
Marri Square Dining Table
Marri Square Dining Table top view

Marri Square

Dining Table

Size: 1.500 x 1.500     PRICE: $4295

Size: 1.500 x 1.600     PRICE: $4495

Brookwood Marri Chair $495

Yarragadee Marri Chair $495 (shown)

Square dining tables are the new round table

These pieces have become hugely popular in recent years.

Able to seat 8 people in comfort with a generous 1.500 x 1.500 size.

Although going to 1600 x 1500 is an even better alternative –allowing a bit more “chair flow”


This allows for a great social interaction, with all people seated with easy conversation space and without worrying about the grog being to far away ~ or some twits elbow ending up in your soup. . .and still close enough to be able to cop a feel under the table if you are having a Les Patterson moment.


And apart from all that  ...  They look flaming good too!

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