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Mid line Jarrah TV cabinet
Jarrah Midline TV Cabinet
Jarrah T.V. _ Media cabinet

Jarrah TV/

Entertainment Cabinet

SIZE : 1800 / 2.100 x 450 x.750h

Price From: $4895

Add a natural edge slab top for only +$295

Perfect for against a long wall for the big TV.
And to tidy away all the incidental stuff that goes with falling asleep on the couch these days . . .
This is actually quite a large piece with plenty of storage options.
Twin doors cover a large internal area with 2 adjustable shelves inside.
And central column of three generous sized drawers on full extension runners.
The doors on this piece show smoked glass, which add style to the piece as an option. 

Clear glass is offered as standard
Or available with timber paneled doors.
Altogether a great utility piece for your comfort zone.
This piece is also able to made for you in Marri.

This Jarrah TV cabinet has great versatility
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