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Jarrah Park Bench
Jarrah Park Bench2
Jarrah Park Bench3

Jarrah Park Bench

SIZE : 1.600w  ~ 2.5 seater      $1495

            1.900w ~  3 seater      $1695

Perfect For Parks, Gardens & Quiet Spaces

This beautiful Jarrah Park Bench has found many homes over the years.


Perfect for that quiet space in the garden, or on the deck.


Often sought after by clubs, schools and government organisations as a fond and fitting memorial to a colleague, student, or partner now passed.


With space on the centre back panel to place a plaque or symbol of remembrance.


Crafted from Jarrah timbers and finished in a high grade oiled application that helps to preserve the jarrah timber in an out door environment.


Some re– oiling maintenance is likely at some stage if exposed to the elements.

But this is a simple thing that takes little time and can help to reconnect with the memories.


Personally I use mine as a comfortable bum park to have a beer on in the latter part of my workday....


Altogether a design that I have invested a good deal of thought and time into, with a result that I am very pleased with as I am sure that you will be. . .


Due to recent government decisionsto ba Native Ztimber Harvesting these items now have a limited supply due to the materials soon becoming unavailable . .. . .. 

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