The Heff Jarrah Bar stool

The Heff Bar Stool

SIZE : Most bums

Price:  From  $480

After years of travelling the world spending time barred up at one pub or another in some odd and wonderful places, it took a good mate of mine to inspire me to actually come up with a proper grown up bar stool.


The ‘Heff’

Concept design Heff Bar Stool has been created initially, and eventually, as a gesture to my friends Mike and Diane to compliment some of their existing furniture.


But having wrapped my bum around this utilitarian and comfortable Bar stool I have decided to add it to my portfolio as a catalogue item and make this piece available to the wider public.


This piece is ideal to suit the home breakfast bar or kitchen servery.


This piece comes from our latest development program and is probably not available anywhere on the whole flaming continent at the price for this level of crafting.


It could be that I am always happy to get barred up ~ but on one of these ‘Heff’  Barstools everyone will be happy to be barred up.


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