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Marri Geographe Bed

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Darradup Jarrah table

Jarrah Photo Gallery

Marri Photo Gallery

Marri Bedroom ~ Special

Jarrah Midline TV Cabinet

 Marri Furniture Gallery

Marri timber furniture has become very popular in the last few years.

This native Western Australian timber  was long overlooked as a viable furniture material ~ and often simply burnt, or wood chipped.

A few insightful craftsmen like myself always saw the value in this material as a resource for the furniture industry ~ with it’s distinctive grains and colours,  and varied sap channels ensuring that never would any two pieces be the same.

This material offers a great alternative and allows a whole new look at what contemporary furniture can be made for you.


REAL Marri Furniture

Text Box: Library Buffet  Dresser

4 drawer Marri Coffee table


Text Box: Marri bedsides
4 Drawer Marri Coffee table

TV cabinet

jarrah BuffetText Box: Marri Coffee table 1 drawer
Text Box: Marri Wine Rack
Marri Natural edge Wine Rack

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these special items

Jarrah Bed

Solid Jarrah Bed

Two Oceans Marri Bedroom

Text Box: Reclaimed Jarrah Table
Text Box: Marri slab top table

Interstate and international transport available at competitive rates.


Please inquire for transport costs to your area


Delivery to Perth Metro area only $165

Regional WA and interstate by arrangement or via Allied Pickfords ( POA)

Text Box: BE AWARE

There is no such timber as 
This a blend of Victorian timbers known as Wormy Chestnut and is a marketing name only, used by a larger company to cash in the popularity of real Marri ~ sold through their own and several other chain stores , and generally made for them offshore in China or Malaysia.

Marri grows only in Western Australia ~ it does not grow in the Eastern States and there is no such timber as Eastern Marri or Pacific Marri.

Also Do not be fooled 
by the 
logo that you will see on a lot of this furniture in the big stores.
There is no industry standard to cover this and all it could mean is that someone probably unpacked a box out of a container  and put a label on.

If you have been sold furniture that has been sold to you as Pacific Marri or Marri from the Eastern States and touted as being real Marri ~ call Consumer Protection as you have been misinformed and deceived.!

Although less common in WA, 
is also just a marketing name used by a Queensland timber  company to try and cash in on the reputation of our native hardwood

This actually a timber from South America that carries some resemblance to our native Jarrah.

Marri Bedroom Suite

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Marri and Iron Coffee Table

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Marri Refectory Table

Marri Refectory Table

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