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Our story

This is the bit where we tell you how clever we are. . .. .


We make top quality handcrafted Jarrah and Marri Furniture, and offer it for sale at the most reasonable prices to be found anywhere on the market.

See . . . Clever .. .!


I am not so enthralled with myself that I have named my business after myself, rather the wonderful little town where we live and work ……………... Nannup !


Although once upon a time in Fremantle, where we started our craft 20 odd years ago, ( some of them bloody odd too . .!) , we were known as Phil’s Woodwork Shop ~ tucked in down behind Fast Eddies on Essex St and The Sala Thai on Norfolk St with the Luna Theatre just opposite.


And I do not show pictures of myself fondling a log looking confident and meaningful and gazing pensively into the middle distance.

I do do that on occasion though ~  gaze pensively into the middle distance that is , but more so because I have forgotten what I am doing, or worse ~ misplaced my beer ,  rather than trying to impress someone with my rugged good looks ~ which tend more to the haggardly runsome than the ruggedly handsome anyway. . .. !


Really, we just make good strong reasonably priced solid Jarrah and Marri furniture ~ I would rather you looked at pictures of my work rather than me. . .


See . . . Clever . .!


Now, if you have read this far , I should say that although this dialogue may sound a tad frivolous, it is not that we don't take our work seriously ~ we are hugely passionate and enthusiastic about our work ~ it’s just that we don't take ourselves too seriously, and allow ourselves to enjoy our relationship with our clients and our work .. ..  …. 


Did I mention that the furniture we craft is some of the best Quality and most reasonably priced Jarrah and Marri furniture available  .   ?

About us

Text Box: The Gallery and Workshop
This is our purpose built  facility.
Now after 7 years in here we have made some extensions to the building and increased our production arera.

Out  on the front veranda you will be greeted by our welcoming committee   
Mini and Mee.
Their job is largely ceremonial and involves a lot of tail wagging . . .
Text Box: WE HAVE MOVED . . .

From December 09 we will be working from our new purpose built workshop and showroom/gallery.

Located in the Nannup
Light Industrial Area
Opposite the Timber Mill (NTP)

We will continue to offer high quality  hand crafted Jarrah and Marri furniture at the most affordable prices.
We are very excited about our new place ~ although still with a bit of work to be done to make it “home” .
We see it as a new and positive era  ~ allowing us to grow our  craft , and to eventually  present a wider range of our hitherto unshown designs.

Myself, Jean, and the dogs  (Mini and Mee), look forward to having all our customers, present and future,  come to our new place and enjoy our little town and it’s surrounds.

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